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I Am Angeled

As of a week ago, I am represented by the wonderful Liza Royce Agency

In the middle of this horrific war, some good personal news that I can share. As of a week ago, I am represented by the wonderful Liza Royce Agency which is run by two literary angels (you can call them agents, but for me they are angels), Liza Fleissig and Ginger Harris-Dontzin.

It hasn't been easy. At the SCBWI conference in New York, exactly eight years ago, I realized how little I really knew about picture book writing. Not less importantly, I realized that it was a long uphill journey, with no short cuts, and very long odds. There were many books to read, meetings to attend, critique groups to join, mentors to learn from.

EMILY SAW A DOOR Hebrew Version (Illustrated by Orit Magia Schwalb, Tal-May Publishers)

All along the journey I encountered others willing to help, advise, support and eventually I realized that I could help too via Ourboox and my ability to interview others. As an author, I was rejected more times than I have hairs on my head (okay, not the best analogy, but you know what I mean).

Emily Opens My Door

I was oftentimes frustrated, angry, but somehow pushed on. The breakthrough came when Yotam Shwimmer and Meira Firon decided to publish EMILY SAW A DOOR in Hebrew last year (Tal-May, publishers, illustrated by the amazing Orit Magia Schwalb). And it was Emily who persuaded Liza and Ginger to take me on too.

Now that I am angeled, (well, agented), I will have more time for writing, and more time for helping others. If you think I can help, please reach out. It's the least I can do, given the great amount of support that I have received.


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