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Storystorm, Tara Lazar, Tammi Sauer, Wordy Birdy and New Ideas

I'm perplexed. Before I interviewed the wonderful Tara Lazar two weeks ago, I thought that Storystorm was a rather silly idea. An idea a day for a month?

But Storystorm works!

Hey, I'm an ideas person. Amn't I? But having been on this 'voluntary idea program' for the twelfth day now, the juices are flowing and good ideas are popping up (together with the atrocious ones) on a rather daily basis.

WORDY BIRDY started with Storystorm

And look what I just discovered! Turns out that Tammi Sauer's wonderful book, WORDY BIRDY (is it happenstance that I am interviewing HER TODAY?) was her 'idea number 19' when she participated in Storystorm in 2014.

So Little Melvyn (what I call myself when being stern to my five-year old self), the next time someone has an idea that appears to you to be preposterous, TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Why only a month?

So writing friends, my apologies to Tara. Storystorm is cooler than cool. It's a writing tsunami. Even if you can't officially join (Tara closed it for this year) no matter. Come up with an idea a day, during the month of January. And perhaps beyond. Catch you then!

Here is Tammi Sauer's guest-authoring on Tara Lazar's Storytstorm website:

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