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New Books Network - I meet Caleb Zakarin in New York

I have an important afternoon meeting - with the wonderful Caleb Zakarin from the NBN

I have just landed in New York, but have an important afternoon meeting - with Caleb Zakarin from the New Books Network (the NBN).

My weekly party

Since Richard Lucas introduced me to Dr. Marshall Poe and his NBN platform,it has become a weekly part of my life.

Every Thursday (and sometimes Mondays) you will find me interviewing a picture book author,

editor, publisher, agent for the Children's Literature Channel, which I founded and host.

We have had over 100K interviews in just over a year - exciting.

Caleb and I talk about cooperation with Ourboox, the platform I created with Ran Shternin a decade ago and which has just passed 250,000 ebooks. After all, the NBN is all about book interviews and Ourboox is all about book creation.

Check out the new page on Ourboox dedicated to the NBN and my new channel.


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