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Kenya Hops Into a Popular Weekend Magazine?

I was very excited when an Israeli newspaper asked me to submit a story for their weekend magazine. The one they chose was the Hebrew version of " Kenya, The Can't Garoo".


It's the story of Kenya the kangaroo who can't hop like her other kangaroo friends. When she goes to see the famous Dr. Cluck, he gives her the ridiculous advice of standing on her head.

When she finally does so, all the things she has been storing in her pouch fall out and she is able to jump super high. Here is the link to the Hebrew version. Sadly they did not incorporate the fantastic illustrations of Rotem Omri, but you can find them in the English version

Here is the story:

The book has also been translated into Arabic as well.

Thanks Pnina Geffen for helping make this happen! Enjoy!!


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